Day 11 – Invest in yourself

Day 11 – Invest in yourself

Day 11 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer certainly comes with good time.  The always anticipated NamesCon event is taking place this week and I’m sure your feed will be full of stories highlighting every moment.  But I’m not here to talk about NamesCon specifically, although it is  fabulous example of what we’re focusing on today.  You’ve invested in domain names and now it’s time to invest a little in yourself.

Plan to attend a domain event.

I understand that if you haven’t already planned to go to NamesCon, it’s a little late to dive in right now.  This year has been unique in that the organizers had gifted several bloggers with tickets to give away to new attendees and I hope some of you reading this are among those winners.  This provided opportunity to several people who may not have otherwise planned to attend the event.  So what’s the big deal about a domain event anyway?  Here are the top reasons that come to mind if you are serious about domaining.

1.  Hear from well respected expert speakers in the industry

The center of any conference is always to have some industry leaders speaking.  These are no doubt, knowledgeable people providing domaining specific information.  Always something to be learned here, if nothing more then who is who in the industry.

2.  Learn about industry trends, businesses and offerings

You’ll learn about what’s happening in the industry, new offerings, trends (Blockchain should be a hot topic this year), and much more.  Sure some things can come across as a sales pitch, but there is real information embedded in there that you need to know about.

3.  Make face to face, real world connections with people

If for no other reason, this is the single most important reason to attend a domain conference.  You get to meet real people that you can connect with and learn from.  Some great relationships can be forged at an industry event.  Get swept up in the passion, meet people, get out of your comfort zone and expand.

4.  Make a buck

If making face to face contacts didn’t sell you on attending a conference, then maybe this will.  While you are making those face to face connections, you may find there is tremendous opportunity to make some money.  Whether you make a domain deal or you find someone to partner with that has the same passion as you for a particular idea, business plan, or some other synergistic relationship.

5.  Enjoy yourself

If all else fails, have yourself a good time.  There are lots of dinners, gathering, drinks to be had at these events.  You’ve been busting your hump trying to get your domain gig off the ground.  Unwind a little and take off some of the pressure of life for a couple of days.  You’ll come back more energized and with new ideas to keep the fire fueled for months to come.

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