Is anything other than .com worth the time?

Does .Net have any value?

Is anything other than .com worth the time?

One rule I set for myself when purchasing domains was to stay away from anything other than .com names.  It just makes sense to me.  If I were starting a business (which I have), I would want my company site to end in .com.

I already broke this rule.  Yesterday I purchased  Not that I think this will be bought by someone looking to name their company after it, but because it sounded like a good name for a shopping site or some other Christmas related site.  Needless to  say that the .com was already registered.  This is maybe one of two .net names I own and I really don’t plan on purchasing others until I learn a bit more about successful domaining.

I also need to stop going on gut reaction and apply some of the domaining advise from those experienced in the field.  Is a good name?  Not sure.  It’s currently parked on with most of my other domains.  I put a sale price of $900.  I’ll post any progress I make with this site as far as an actual sale or if I choose to try to develop it.

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