Guild Thunder

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Guild Thunder

Back in the day, as a kid taking guitar lessons, I bought an old used amplifier.  It was a Guild Thunder tube amp.   I still have it today and it works fine, although I no longer play guitar.  Turns out it’s a bit of a collectors items, worth a few hundred bucks.  I’ve tried to sell it a couple of times on Craig’s List but usually wound up with e-mails from an Egyptian prince who needed help to avoid a governmental take over and it all depended on him transferring $10 million into my personal bank account.  The only other inquiry would be from some local guy who called on it every time but never ended up buying it.

To avoid these deceptive emails and phone calls, I set up a one page site at  It has pictures of the front and back of the amp as well as the serial number plate.  I added a Google Talk widget which allows visitors to call me without revealing  my phone number.  From the widget, I was able to customize a voice mail greeting specific to those who call me from the site.  I am selling the amp and the domain together as a package for $500.  Let me know if you’re interested.

The site comes up in the number 1 position for a search on “Guild Thunder” without quotes and number 2 with quotes.

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