These Guys Get It

These Guys Get It

I have a strange hobby.  I like to track keyword domains that point to other sites.  I’ve explained in the past how I’m always disappointed when I come across a parked keyword domain name.  Its just a let down.  “What a great name,” I think to myself, and no one is enjoying it.  It’s like a picture frame missing it’s award winning photograph.  It’s just not a feel good.  So when I come across a keyword name that doesn’t have a site, but is instead directing viewers to another site that has value, I burst with joy.  Burst is a little sting, but I’m happy to see the name put to good use.

Here’s a quick hitter of 8 domains pointing to other sites. points to a store (I want one of these shirts) points to ASI Magazines points to  (Can’t really argue that one) points to (I would use as my primary site) points to (stick with points to (A company that folded into NorthFace) points to points to (of course it does)


Have any favorites that you have seen?

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