5 Ways a Domain is Like a Woman

Domains are like women

I know I am looking for trouble with this one, but it’s all in good fun.Β  I welcome my female readers to fire back with their own comments.

  1. There’s always someone waiting to grab it when you let ’em drop.
  2. They can be expensive to acquire.
  3. It’s hard to let some go, even though you know you’d be better off.
  4. The wrong one can get you into legal trouble.
  5. They’re always more attractive when someone else has them.

22 Comments 5 Ways a Domain is Like a Woman

  1. Tia Wood

    5 Ways a Domain is Like a Man

    1. Its owner always overestimates the …um… asset.
    2. You shake your head at its bad performance but keep the fact to yourself.
    3. You always wonder who its got backordering it on the side.
    4. You know it complains about you to other domains.
    5. It won’t get its own damn sandwich.

  2. sin

    Domain- A Same Visitor or Unique visitor is not enough.

    Woman- A same Visitor is better, (and staying away from unique visitors is always good), Same visitor is always safe.

    Domain- There is always a domain behind a successful domainer.

    Woman- There always a woman behind a successful man.

    Cheers love this post.

  3. Huw Williams

    And here’s a soppy one..

    If you develop and nurture it, it could turn out to be a great addition to your life, and pay you back in dividends.

    OMG did I just write that, where’s the bucket πŸ™‚

  4. Adam Strong

    10. All the good ones are taken . . . but if you’re really determined you can still easily go online and get your dream one from some obscure European or Asian country.

  5. Uzoma

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t end this blog by saying: a domain’s got nothing on a woman! The sweet kiss; the sweet perfume; and the music of the night! Woman 100, domain zero.


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