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Domainer’s Block? 5 Tips for Finding New Domains

by Mike Sullivan

If you enjoy the sport of hand registering good domain names, you probably have experienced a time when you couldn’t come up with a good possible name to save your life.  Here are some ideas for getting past that.

1.  What’s popular?
Ask yourself  “what seems to be popular today?” and see what you come up with.  A perfect example of this is excitement around ChatRoulette.com.  This inspired a furry of “roulette” names, with the most memorable being CamRoullette.com, in my opinion.

2.  What are others buying and selling?
Have a look at your favorite domainer’s portfolio if it is publicly available.  Poke around on Sedo and see what others have listed.  These are sure to trigger ideas and provide some inspiration.

3.  What’s in the news?
This can be a big one, but you may need to be quick on the draw.  Rick Schwatz gave us some examples of hand regs he picked up following the BP disaster.  My own experience came from listening to the news in my car.  There was a story about tanning bed safety.  I registered some names around spray tanning and sold them pretty quickly.

4.  Have a day job?
Look to your day job for inspirations.  What terms are thrown around?  What tools do you use?  This can be a gold mine for you.

5.  Got a problem?
One of the best examples comes from a recent post by Elliot Silver.  He bought a new car and wanted to protect his bumper.  You can read his story here.

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