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Big Companies that Find Value in Key Word Domain Names

by Mike Sullivan

I am always looking for evidence that keyword domains are valuable.  I mean, aside from the monetary value that gets assigned to a domain in the marketplace, I look for ways in which domains are used, talked about, or leveraged in unique ways.  It is helpful to have some additional support when I have conversations with a potential buyer.  So I spent a little time typing in keyword domains to see what I would find.

I found that, for the most part, the majority of the names were parked.  Probably making decent revenue for the owners, but certainly not at their full potential.  I’m usually disappointed when I see great names parked, even though I have many parked pages myself.

However, I did find a handful of names that either pointed to major company websites or represented the company’s actual site.  These are really just random names that popped into my head.  I had no preference for any of these companies, in any of the industries they represent, as I was keying in the domain names.  They are:

  1. TennisShoes.com forwards to KSwiss.com
  2. Dishes.com forwards to dawn-dish.com, the Dawn dish washing detergent site.
  3. DogFood.com forwards to PetSmart.com
  4. EatHealthy.com forwards to KraftRecipes.com
  5. BubbleGum.com forwards to Hubbabubba.com
  6. Bologna.com forwards to KraftBrands.com with the opening page featuring Oscar Meyer.
  7. Books.com forwards to BarnsandNoble.com
  8. Meatballs.com is the primary domain for the Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant.
  9. ToothPaste.com loads up as the Crest website.
  10. Salad.com goes to HiddenValley.com, the salad dressing company.

I see this as strong evidence of the value of a key word domain.  These are just a handful of names that are in use by major corporations to increase exposure to their products.  I would love to know which names the companies had the foresight to register, if any, and how much they paid for the names on the open market.

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