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Domain Finder

The argument can be convincingly made, as Mark Fulton has written at DotSauce, that the age of domain mining tools has come and gone.  As true as that is, I still love using domain generators and, if nothing else, I am inspired by some of the results.  Sometimes, not always, I come across a name that seems solid or that inspires a thought of a domain that I’d like to acquire.  I’ll admit that the vast majority of results from these tools, upwards of 99%, tend to be useless.  But I enjoy the inspiration they provide.

Recently, I discovered a new tool by Jason Ling from Singapore.  Jason is a digital media specialist with a strong background in digital media sales, online media, and e-commerce. He founded one of Singapore’s first and largest online communities, in 1999, and has a portfolio of websites to his name including and He also spent 2 years launching e-commerce site in the UK.  He is working on, as he puts it, a domain name ‘suggestion engine’ called

To start, a user enters a couple of key words.  Then, the engine kicks in.  As you watch, the engine spins through a list of possibilities and separates available names from those that are taken.  It starts with trying to find the best related key words and then ranks them according to a factor of relevancy and value.  What’s nice about this tool is that it not only checks the availability of the domain name, but includes the Facebook and Twitter user IDs as part of that process.  Not only will you be able to secure the name, but you can be sure to secure the social media counter parts as well.

An upcoming feature Jason is working is to releases a ‘domain a day’ where it tries to discover the highest quality available domains.  I encourage you to visit and spend some time trying it out.  While domain generators may be dying, I think DomFinder breathes some life back into them.

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