First Milestone

First Milestone

Yesterday I hit my first milestone.  I now have over 100 domains registered.  This is where I need to stop myself and roll up my sleeves.  I’ve had so much fun learning about domaining and finding good names, but now I need to take a break on the buying end and see if anything I have is of any value.  I definitely feel confident that my choices over the last  week have been much better than when I began, even though I think I have a few good ones from my initial group.  Regardless, I’m in it for fun right now.

My next step needs to be the decision process.  Which domains do I want to try to develop, which do I want to hold on to for the future, and which do I want to try to unload, sell, lease, action, etc.   It’s tough to decide where to begin.  There are a couple of domains I have picked up that are Geo domains (city name) and others that might make excellent directories.  I have a couple that might make for good blogs, but I’d have to find some help in posting to them since there is only so much time in the day.

To keep my initial investment low, I have only registered domains that weren’t registered at the time.  That is to say, I have not purchased any domains on the aftermarket.  Now that will likely change for me in the future it I can get into a groove with what I am doing, but it seemed only reasonable to keep it simple in the beginning.

I have one domain that I have had for over 10 years and semi-developed into… well… not too much.  But I have several ideas around this domain and I’ll be posting more about it soon too.

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