Domain Emails – Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Domain Emails – Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Last week, I talked a bit about domain sales emails and I promised to tell you two ways to get past the gatekeeper when sending to end users.  That is, how to improve your chances of getting someone to look at your email, listen to you or otherwise improve the chances of getting a little bit further with your unsolicited sales pitch.  What I’m about to tell you is nothing new.  In fact, you already know this stuff, I’m sure of it.  You just need to keep them in mind when you’re looking to make a sale.

Method #1 – Spend more time on the subject line of your email than on the email itself.

It’s no surprise that the subject of your email can make or break the chances of getting the email opened.  I delete the majority of emails based on subject alone.  If your subject comes across as a pitch, has poor grammar, is irrelevant to the reader or is just plain boring, then it’s going to the trash folder.

“Use a subject line that would make YOU want to open it,” is the advice Mike Evans of  Mike provided me with the following example.

Which one of these would you open: “Get a FREE Website Audit!” or “Found a broken link”?

“If you were a regular person on their site and found a broken link, the last one is a subject line you might actually use. So when I write subjects, I try to think like the type of person that they would be interested to receive an email from.”

Apply that rule to your domain emails.  How you craft that subject is up to you and will vary from end user to end user and their particular needs.  I can’t write the magic words for you that will work in every situation.  It’s going to take some thought on your part based on the domain name and the research you have done on those you are targeting.

Method #2 – Don’t send the email.

That’s a strange one, right?  How are you going to make the sale if you don’t send out the email to begin with.  Try taking an old fashioned approach.  Pick up the phone.  This gives you immediate connection with no chance of being deleted.  Sure, you could get hung up on, but you have more opportunity to build some immediate rapport.

You wouldn’t open this conversation with the same words you would use in an email.  This is a more personal, relationship building approach.  Open with something they can relate to.  “I was in your club last weekend with some friends and we had a great time.”  Maybe complement the waitstaff.  Then mention how you could possibly help the club out because you own this great domain name.  You are more likely to be listened to.

Don’t follow my script.  Be yourself.  Say what you are comfortable saying but don’t make it all about you.

Good luck with your sales and let me know what works well for you!

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