What you SHOULD be doing if you’re not at NamesCon

What you SHOULD be doing if you’re not at NamesCon

NamesCon, NamesCon, NamesCon.  That’s all we have been hearing. NamesCon is an awesome event where some of the biggest names in the industry gather. There are plenty of connections to be made and things to learn that can propel you forward in your domaining journey. But the reality is, not everyone is at NamesCon, even though it feels like they are.

So what’s a domainer to do. I’ll tell you what.

1. Follow the domain blogs

Well, hey, that’s what you are doing right now.  Mrs of the blog posts this week are about NamesCon.  You can stay pretty up to date on what’s going on.  While nothing replaces being there in person, here are a few highlights from fellow bloggers.

NamesCon kicks off second day with 40% new attendees

Great domain investing data from Paul Nicks (GoDaddy) at NamesCon

Opening Day Photos and Highlights from Names Con

2019 Escrow.com Awards Announced (at NamesCon)

…and there are plenty more!!  Check out what’s being written, what folks are saying.  Maybe it’s some inspiration for you to make the trip next year, or some evidence that you’re glad you didn’t.  To each their own.

2. Get your hustle on

All your domain name industry pals are at NamesCon and then partying it up all night.  Throwing money down at the casino and living the good life.  All the more reason for to use this time to focus, turn up the heat, get your game on!!  Use this quiet time to finish planning out that next domain development project you have been dreaming about for years.  Research some creative financing options to finally land that domain name that was made for you (but registered by some other jackass before you even thought of it).  Hit the phone, email, the streets, whatever you need to in order to get in front of the right end users to buy your domain names and make a profit.

3. Learn something

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a life long learner.  I love to learn new things (that interest me) and I like a lot of diversity in my mental library.  Domaining is great and I try to find ways to relate and apply things I learn even if they have nothing to do with domaining.  Regardless, if you’re not already incorporating learning into your regular routine, take this opportunity to do it.  Read a book, take an online class at Udemy or Coursera.com.  Hell, if you really want to learn something, check out Michael Cyger’s DNacademy.  Michael gave me an opportunity to review the whole program (look for an upcoming review).  Whatever you do, just do something to learn more than you knew yesterday.

While we all can’t be at NamesCon this year, don’t let that time go to waste.  There are still things you can do to learn about the industry and grow your venture while you’re at it.  Hey, there’s always next year.

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  • Ravi Reply


    That is one great article and filled with positive steps…

    I clicked on “get your game on..” and found very interesting and constructive article with well researched plan for new comers…

    I just opened in new tab..will go through it…
    I am still newbie.. actually just completing one year into Domaining…but no sales yet…still learning..


    January 31, 2019 at 5:35 am

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