Day 14 – The best domain related post

Day 14 – The best domain related post

Two-thirds of the way through the 21 day journey to becoming a better domainer.  Feeling better already?  Yesterday’s post had you thinking, planning and preparing to grow your network in a meaningful way.  Pretty labor intensive.  Today I’m going to lighten it up without losing any momentum.  You’re mission, today, is to select the best domain related tweet you can find and retweet it.  Simple.

Now, if you are active on Twitter, you probably do this all the time and today is just another day for you.  Good for you!  My kind of domainer.  However, I have found there are a few types of domainers using Twitter.

  1.  The Self Promoter – This is the person who is either a blogger, an author, a domainer, etc. and only tweets about themselves.  The author posts the same book for sale 17 times a day.  The domainer spams us with nothing but his/her own domains for sale.  We all do some self promotion, but my take is that we should all be sharing great content.
  2. The Silent Observer – This is the person who follows and reads the Twitter feed, but never interacts, comments, likes or retweets.  There is nothing wrong with the Silent Observer other than missing out on sharing their opinions and engaging in some conversation about the industry.  Much preferred over the Self Promoter.
  3. The Ideal Tweeter –  This is a person who has found a good balance between promoting themselves, their product or service, and sharing valuable information with others.  These are the people I enjoy having in my feed.  They introduce me to tweets from others that I don’t follow who then, I decided I’d like to follow.  They share information that is helpful to me.

But back to our task.  If retweeting isn’t something you do daily, then today be very selective about what you retweet.  Find that one tweet that made you click through and read the full article, or the quote that meant something to you, or the meme that actually made you laugh out loud.  Take that and share it with those that follow you.

Get in the habit of doing this daily, and commenting on the meaningful tweets or asking questions.  Remember, the goal is to learn and grow to become a better domainer.  Sitting silent or over promoting yourself isn’t going to drum up the business you’re looking for.  Helping others it.

Oh, and there is one other type of Twitter user out there.  They guy that signed up using the Twitter handle you really want and has been sitting dormant since 2012 without posting anything and still Twitter won’t give the name up to you.  You know who you are 🙁

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