Author - Mike Sullivan

Last Site of 2009

The last web site that my company, Infinite Designs, Inc.,  redesigned in 2009 was for a company that sells brass fittings.  Interestingly enough, the owner of the company understands the importance of a strong key word domain name.  The top search for this industry is “Brass fittings”.   So it made sense to acquire the domain.

The name was already owned and to be honest, I don’t know if it was a domainer or a private individual as this process took place several years ago.  Regardless, the owner of the brass fittings company was able to acquire the domain at a vary reasonable price (about $1,000).  Bottom line is that website is located at and has significantly increased traffic to the site.  I will try to gather the exact statistics and post an update once I have the information.


First Submission

I submitted my first set of names to the newsletter today.  The submission is for the first newsletter of 2010 and will focus on Stamps, Watches and Coins.  I submitted over 15 names and we’ll soon see if any are picked up for the newsletter.  If so, which, if any, sell as a result.  If they don’t get picked up or sell, I actually have a plan for developing a site which I will tie all the domains to, which was really my original intention.  As luck has it, this same theme will be the focus of the first newsletter.

This is really my first test to see if I really get what domaining is all about.  There is definitely a chance that none of the names will be selected, or that some will and I haven’t accurately valuated them.  Time will soon tell and I will share what I have learned.

60 day delay in transferring domains

ICANN 60 Day Rule

The learning continues… today I tried to transfer one of my recently registered domains,, from one registrar to another only to find out about the ICANN 60 day rule.  As stated by a Moniker representative, “The rule states that the domain name have to be more than 60 days old before you can move it to another registrar.”

This is news to me, as an amateur in the field.  Of course, I have never had a  reason to transfer a domain so quickly in the past.  It’s not that I sold this domain, but I was looking to switch it over to a registrar that partnered with Snapnames.  I am going to try to sell a domain or two there as an experiment, to see how the process works.  I’m also going to try some other avenues to just test the waters.  But it’s good to know about the 60 day rule as I’m sure it ultimately impacts the sale of domains if the ability to transfer registrars is impacted.


First Milestone

Yesterday I hit my first milestone.  I now have over 100 domains registered.  This is where I need to stop myself and roll up my sleeves.  I’ve had so much fun learning about domaining and finding good names, but now I need to take a break on the buying end and see if anything I have is of any value.  I definitely feel confident that my choices over the last  week have been much better than when I began, even though I think I have a few good ones from my initial group.  Regardless, I’m in it for fun right now.

My next step needs to be the decision process.  Which domains do I want to try to develop, which do I want to hold on to for the future, and which do I want to try to unload, sell, lease, action, etc.   It’s tough to decide where to begin.  There are a couple of domains I have picked up that are Geo domains (city name) and others that might make excellent directories.  I have a couple that might make for good blogs, but I’d have to find some help in posting to them since there is only so much time in the day.

To keep my initial investment low, I have only registered domains that weren’t registered at the time.  That is to say, I have not purchased any domains on the aftermarket.  Now that will likely change for me in the future it I can get into a groove with what I am doing, but it seemed only reasonable to keep it simple in the beginning.

I have one domain that I have had for over 10 years and semi-developed into… well… not too much.  But I have several ideas around this domain and I’ll be posting more about it soon too.

Tube Amp

Guild Thunder

Back in the day, as a kid taking guitar lessons, I bought an old used amplifier.  It was a Guild Thunder tube amp.   I still have it today and it works fine, although I no longer play guitar.  Turns out it’s a bit of a collectors items, worth a few hundred bucks.  I’ve tried to sell it a couple of times on Craig’s List but usually wound up with e-mails from an Egyptian prince who needed help to avoid a governmental take over and it all depended on him transferring $10 million into my personal bank account.  The only other inquiry would be from some local guy who called on it every time but never ended up buying it.

To avoid these deceptive emails and phone calls, I set up a one page site at  It has pictures of the front and back of the amp as well as the serial number plate.  I added a Google Talk widget which allows visitors to call me without revealing  my phone number.  From the widget, I was able to customize a voice mail greeting specific to those who call me from the site.  I am selling the amp and the domain together as a package for $500.  Let me know if you’re interested.

The site comes up in the number 1 position for a search on “Guild Thunder” without quotes and number 2 with quotes.

Does .Net have any value?

Is anything other than .com worth the time?

One rule I set for myself when purchasing domains was to stay away from anything other than .com names.  It just makes sense to me.  If I were starting a business (which I have), I would want my company site to end in .com.

I already broke this rule.  Yesterday I purchased  Not that I think this will be bought by someone looking to name their company after it, but because it sounded like a good name for a shopping site or some other Christmas related site.  Needless to  say that the .com was already registered.  This is maybe one of two .net names I own and I really don’t plan on purchasing others until I learn a bit more about successful domaining.

I also need to stop going on gut reaction and apply some of the domaining advise from those experienced in the field.  Is a good name?  Not sure.  It’s currently parked on with most of my other domains.  I put a sale price of $900.  I’ll post any progress I make with this site as far as an actual sale or if I choose to try to develop it.


The Launch

This is the initial post to my latest site, “Sully’s Blog”.  I own a small web design company called Infinite Designs, Inc. ( and have been involved in design and internet marketing for several years.  I designed my first site back in 1994 and I have designed for several industries since then.  The real purpose of this site is just so I can familiarize myself with WordPress.  I am really intrigued by the flexibility I have seen with WordPress and the types of sites I have seen that were designed around it.  I haven’t spent much time working with it, so what better way then to dive right in.

A second reason I have decided to start a blog is to talk about my most recent obsession of domaining, or domain investing.  While doing some research for an existing site I own,, I came across a site called that centers around domain name investing and has some awesome tips.  I’ve learned a great deal over the past couple of weeks just from reading this blog.  Now I was not into the domain name investing scene at all before I came across this site.  I really only had this one domain that I feel has some serious potential with the proper backing.  But then I started brainstorming on some other names that might fit well with it and sweeten the package.  I’m not going to reveal any of those names right now, but I may in future posts.  Then I drifted into some other ideas and and ended up securing a few more domain names.   As of now, in the span of about 30 days, I have collected about 85 domain names.  I’m sure most of them suck and I’m still a rookie, but there may be one or two good ones in there.

Time will tell, but I want to thank Elliot for my new interest and I hope it turns into something long term.